Best Supporting Medics

Medical Supply and Services

Offering the full suite of on-set medical services, Moviemedico is able to cater for all needs. From B12 vitamin shots to maintain nutraceutical demands, right through to a comprehensive range of COVID PCR tests.

What are Location Medical Services?

Location medical services are where clinically qualified and professional medically trained services and people are able to come to you. If you are in the TV and Film industry, this often leaves you operating on short notice and with a nomadic schedule. Trying to arrange PCR tests, travel vaccinations, medical effects consultants and re-prescriptions for out-of-town crew and cast, can become an enormous administrative headache. Our job is to ensure that headache gets the right professional attention.

The Right Type Of Stitch In Time

Using a specialist film location medical services supplier such as MovieMedico ensures that you meet your insurance obligations, upholds the highest standards, but makes financial sense too. Think of us as the right type of stitch in time. Delays to filming can be costly, having our team at hand avoids bad cuts. 

Cardiff and Manchester Medical Supply

Based in Cardiff and Manchester, our location medical services business, is able to reach the entirety of the British Isles. We are more than just a medical supply company. We are your best supporting medics. 

Just remember us at Red-Carpet time.

Cardiff & Manchester Medical Services

Manchester and Cardiff Medical Supply along with UK location medical services

On Set Medical

Our Cardiff and Manchester Medical Supply team can arrange for all clinic-medical needs anywhere in the UK.

Medical Supplies

We provide more than just people. From private ambulance hire, to standby EMT equipment.

Medical Advice

Great productions come from great research. Avoid poor and dated output with expert medical effects consultancy

Ancillary Location Medical Services

B12 Vitamin Shots

Dietary and supplement needs vary for all, whether it’s a recovery IV or a B12 vitamin shot needing a refresh, nutraceutical delivery is a growing part of our daily concierge requests.

Travel Vaccinations

Last minute travel plans can become stressful when vaccinations are needed at short notice. We have an on-hand team for any cast and crew travel vax requirements.

Private Medical Checks

Whether it’s a regular check-up or something just doesn’t seem right – sometimes waiting can be half the pain. Drop us a message or call, and we can arrange a private medical check-up.

Moviemedico provides an extensive array of medical services to support your production. Our team of professional, dedicated medics will provide your film unit with an unparalleled level of service. We are equipped to manage the majority of issues at the point of care, reducing the need for people to leave the site and slowing down production. We have at our disposal enhanced diagnostic procedures such as the ability to take blood samples which are then analysed by our lab. All medics have emergency medical and trauma qualifications.

As a single service provider, we understand the importance of continuity in the staff covering production. This philosophy is carried on to all areas of the production. Moviemedico offers additional services such as COVID 19 testing, travel immunisations, a flu vaccination program, or repeat prescriptions. This includes cast and crew from outside the UK. All services and our governance are overseen by a GMC registered Medical Consultant.

COVID Testing | Single Point of contact | Cover from initial construction, to completion

– Clinical capability for a wide range of medical and trauma presentations
– In-house medical consultants
– Provision of prescription medications
– Continuity of staff giving continuity of care
– Travel vaccinations to fit in with production schedule
UKAS laboratory testing and sample collection
– Administration of regular medicines such as the vitamin B12

About Us

Moviemedico provides medical care for your cast and crew in a friendly professional manner.

From testing, to medication application and on-set medical consultancy. We have a national reach with local teams.