FILM History | 13 Times On Set When There Wasn’t ‘A Doctor In The House’

Filming Injuries History

Lights Camera…..Ouch!

We all know that filming can be very dangerous and particularly for the stunt crew, but it
isn’t only them that have succumbed to injuries. The actors do too. Here are 13 times when having a ‘Doctor in the house’ would have meant more to the production company than an old TV reference.

When filming the all-time classic movie. Orson Welles tripped down a staircase and chipped his anklebone. Not to be deterred he carried on filming whilst using a wheelchair for the next two weeks.

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Filming Injuries Shouldn’t Stop Your Set

Another classic movie, Cecil B. DeMille overcame a minor heart attack while climbing down a ladder set during filming. Ever the professional he kept up his work with minimal delay. The same heart issue caused his death in early 1959.

Some regard it as one of the best comedic performances of all time. In addition to his iconic three roles in that film, Peter Sellers was supposed to play a fourth. This was scuppered when Sellers broke his ankle, and Chill Wills replaced him as Major “King” Kong.

A film that has stood the test of time, but had a notoriously difficult production. One of the more serious ones were lead actor Martin Sheen’s near-fatal heart attack whilst only in his mid-40s kept him out of use for six weeks.

The Oscar-winning movie was not without incident with Michelle Yeoh sustaining an ACL injury when falling from a tree. She had to be flown from Taiwan to the U.S. for surgery.

In Daniel Craigs’ first outing as Bond in “Casino Royale,” he lost two teeth in a fight scene, and his dentist had to be flown in from London to the Caribbean to repair the damage. To follow this up on his next Bond outing “Quantum of Solace” he severed a finger.

The aging action star ensemble hit trouble when Sylvester Stallone injured his neck while filming a fight scene with Steve Austin. He required a metal plate inserted into his neck during surgery.

LOST (2010) 
The pioneering TV show had a fight scene for the series finale. Actor Terry O’Quinn mistakenly stabbed Matthew Fox with a real knife instead of a collapsible one. Fox’s life was saved by the kevlar vest underneath his shirt.

THE EAGLE (2011)
When filming in a freezing river, hot water was poured down the actors’ suits to stay warm. A crew member forgot to mix the hot water with the river water, this led to Channing Tatum to be scalded with boiling water that burned the skin off the tip of his penis. 

When filming the thriller in New York Joseph Gordon-Levitt lost control of his bicycle and collided with the back of a taxicab before flying towards its rear windscreen. He required 31 stitches after his right forearm was slashed by the impact

The Expendables series had more injuries when Sylvester Stallone suffered a serious back injury from a bad fall. He required surgery that involved adding metal plates to his spine. In a separate scene, Antonio Banderas sustained a knee injury. To cap it off a truck driven by Jason Statham lost its brakes and fell into the Black Sea. Fortunately, Statham was able to swim away unharmed

Harrison Ford fractured a bone in his leg while filming at Pinewood Studios after a hydraulic door fell on him, and was subsequently taken to a hospital to receive treatment. Director J. J. Abrams also injured his back while helping lift the hydraulic door off Ford’s leg.

One of the most Iconic actors of a generation Tom Cruise, suffered one of the most well-known onset injuries as well. Whilst filming in London he broke an ankle in London, causing a planned nine-week delay in the middle of shooting. The hard-working actor actually came back after seven.

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