Covid PCR Testing

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What is Covid PCR Testing?

Covid PCR Testing is a requirement for international travel or operations in many work environments. The PCR aspect means, polymerase chain reaction, which allows for our UKAS labs to amplify a small quickly taken sample into a large enough copy for thorough analysis. This is why Covid PCR Testing is the primary method of screening.

Who Needs Covid PCR Testing?

In many working environments, such as sporting teams, return to work situations, or international travel, COVID PCR testing is critical to ensure the containment of virus.

Within the production industry, a commonplace tv and film medical support need is Coronavirus testing to enable international travel. Restrictions on your crew travelling can result in expensive and avoidable delays. 

Film Set Covid PCR Tests

We are able to support your international travel needs, with our ‘Fit to fly’ standard private Covid PCR tests. Adaptable to suit your needs, we can arrange personal testing kits, and an express test results service, or come to set and establish a Covid PCR testing pop-up centre. MovieMedico is here for your convenience, so whatever you need to avoid disruption we can cater for. 

Fit To Fly Testing Covid PCR

The Fit to Fly Covid tests are the UK standard that most airlines in the UK and large parts of the world, expect to see before boarding. Without these for your team, you may find international travel restrictions that can affect your milestones. Avoid impacts to your production schedule and book your ‘Fit to Fly’ private Covid PCR Tests today.

Why choose us for Covid PCR Testing?

Why MovieMedico for Fit to Fly Private Covid PCR Tests

Tried and Trusted

Our team have extensive experience in all manner of testing demands. Covid PCR Testing is simply one area of our work, not the start of it.

Nationwide Coverage

No matter what part of the British Isles your team or needs are located in, our service is capable of working to your requirements.

Antigen & Antibody

We can provide testing that does more than identify carriers. We can screen for team members with temporary immunity

The Fit To Fly Covid Private Test

The Fit To Fly private PCR test, ensures you can present at airport, boarding and disembarkation, that your staff, cast and crew are fit to fly. This meets the suggested NHS, SAGE and Public Health England guidelines to minimise the spread of Coronavirus. All tests are screened and processed using a UKAS accredited laboratory, with a quick turnaround. If you are looking for an affordable PCR test to confirm fit to fly status, then get in touch with Moviemedico today for a free no obligation quote, tailored to your needs.

How is a Covid PCR Test Taken?

The Fit to fly COVID PCR is taken with a nasopharyngeal swab to collect a sample from the back of the nose and the back of the throat , and can be done at home or in the workplace by oneself. This test is designed to identify an existing infection of COVID-19 which may help you decide the course of action needed.

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