About us

Who is MovieMedico?

Founded by a team of Manchester based medical consulting professionals covering a wide remit. We are a medical servicing business, but we prefer to think of our operation as a medical concierge service.

What do we do?

It’s MovieMedico’s job to ensure there is no medical, pharmaceutical or nutrition based reason why operations on-set should be affected.

Whether you require Covid PCR testing, film medical support, or even travel vaccinations before an international shoot, we are your on call medical runners.

Our service is entirely bespoke, there is no job too small. Our mission is to make sure there’s one headache that won’t need medication, just MovieMedico on-call.

A background in medical support

Our team comes from two applicable aspects of medical support. Sourcing locum doctors and short contract nursing professionals; as well a specialist testing in a niche area of the film industry. 

We understand that with tight deadlines, time truly is money and with that experience we appreciate the importance of solving issues quickly.

Film-Set Specialists

With over 10 years of experience providing testing to the adult film industry, it’s no wonder we are uniquely experienced and positioned to provide the full suite of testing and on-set medical support provision. It isn’t just conventional tv and film set clinical provision, we have worked with Youtube production companies for their short notice international travel too. Such as the Sri Lankan Tuk Tuk Challenge From VAJTV

Why choose us for your on-set needs?

Just a few reasons that matter

UKAS Lab Access

The gold-standard of medical results analysis. Your tests will be assayed with a UKAS certificate, ensuring test confidence.


We consider ourselves a medical concierge service as well as a supply support agency. Whatever the on-set needs are, we cover.

DBS Vetting

Whether it's working with vulnerable members of the community or just peace of mind, all of our team are DBS cleared.

About Us

Moviemedico provides medical care for your cast and crew in a friendly professional manner.

From testing, to medication application and on-set medical consultancy. We have a national reach with local presence.