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Medical Support Services


To keep your production running and stop the spread of infection we can perform regular COVID PCR testing. This can be performed on your site or in our clinics. We can also arrange COVID travel certificates for international travel.

Medical Consultancy

Great productions require great research. Explore how our medical professionals can ensure credibility and longevity of the content you make.

Travel Vaccinations

Needing to access travel vaccinations can prevent vital team members being able to work. If you need last minute travel vaccinations, we can help.

Medication Administration

Brand names change around the world, our on-hand doctors can prescribe the right medication for repeat prescriptions anywhere in the UK.

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medical support services for filming locations

Medical Specialists On-Set

From trauma presentations, to medical consultancy, we have a bank of highly qualified medical professionals, licensed to GMC standards, that can cover all film set medical needs. 

Our Medical Services

MovieMedico knows that running a safe and compliant film location can be a daunting task. It’s prone to changing regulations, and just different needs in each nation. You may have international cast members who require repeat prescriptions and don’t know where to go or need vaccinations at the last minute. We offer a complete on-set medical concierge service, meaning there is nothing we can’t source for you. You do the filming, we do the screening.

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If you are looking for an alternative medical support option on your set, read a little more about us and how we can help

Why should you choose MovieMedico?

Just a few reasons to use our TV and film on-set medical support services.

UKAS Lab Testing

The gold-standard of medical results analysis. Your tests will only be sent to labs with a UKAS certificate, ensuring test confidence.

Total UK Reach

With offices in Cardiff and Manchester, our medical team can cover the breadth of the UK

DBS Cleared

Whether it's working with vulnerable members of the community or just peace of mind, all of our team are DBS cleared.

medical support services for film and tv

MovieMedico is the medical support team for your next TV or film shoot. With offices in Manchester and Cardiff our medical team can cover the breadth of the UK with our on-set medical support services. If you give us a shot, we will give your team theirs.

Head Office Address: Connie’s House | Rhymey River Bridge Road | Cardiff | CF23 9AF

About Us

Moviemedico provides medical care for your cast and crew in a friendly professional manner.

From testing, to medication application and on-set medical consultancy. We have a national reach with local teams.

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